Night Soldiers: A Novel

Written by:
Alan Furst
Narrated by:
George Guidall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2008
18 hours 20 minutes
New York Times bestselling author Alan Furst is widely recognized as master of the historical spy novel. Furst’s works are vivid evocations of long-forgotten heroes and feature plots that unfold to the inexorable cadence of history. Night Soldiersis a simultaneously thrilling and illuminating tale of espionage set in 1934.

In Vidin, Bulgaria, where the flow of the river Danube has always brought thieves and conquerors, Khristo Stoianev witnesses his younger brother kicked to death by fascist militia. These are simple men of a backwater town, costumed in fresh uniforms emblazoned with a flaming cross insignia. But behind their barbaric actions stands the swastika. From the terror-plagued Balkans, Khristo, a virgin in the ways of the outside world, is drawn east, toward Moscow and a new life as a Soviet spy.
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Just listen to the first sentence: if it intrigues you, listen on, but if it puts you off, you probably want to pick up a different book. I read this book in print form twice in a summer and have listened to the audiobook several times since. Furst has a special talent for capturing this particular time period and a real knack for examining the subtle effects of nationalism and history on individuals. He doesn't spare any of his characters; the lucky ones survive with very deep scars. But there's mirth here, too, and an appreciation for the potential for joy in the midst of dark times. He's made a bit of a career out of writing in this universe but, with the exception of Dark Star, I'm not sure any of the follow-ups packs quite the same punch. George Guidall is a perfect voice who really knows how to relish the sly ironies that Furst packs into his novels. This was the first recording of Guidall's I've listened to and he instantly became my favorite. Highly recommended.

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This is MY FAVORITE SERIES!!! I’ve listened to it several times and while it is fascinating in depth and detail, the narrator George Guidell takes it over the top for me. I love how the stories and characters intertwine slightly….but not so much that each novel wouldn’t stand alone. ***Please add the rest of the books to this platform….I want the complete set!!

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Anne M

Night Soldiers is a lengthy but entertaining summer read set in a grim period. Would have liked a bit more emphasis on the American characters, who are introduced and then mostly dropped. George Guidall was a superb narrator.

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