Night Terrors Vol. 17: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Night Terrors Vol. 17: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
7 hours 16 minutes
A dark, winding road beckons. And it leads straight to terror…

A businessman discovers he has a ghostly twin whose presence may be far more ominous than he had thought... Mischievous children learn that supernatural forces are nothing to toy with, after a Halloween prank goes wrong. And holiday festivities set the backdrop to a terrified teen’s worst fears, when his grandmother’s corpse comes looking for revenge…

Hit the road for a journey into fear and madness with Scare Street’s latest collection of spine-tingling tales. Thirteen stories of supernatural horror… More than enough to keep your mind off the endless blacktop and moonlit fields, as you drive deeper into the night.

You’re all alone on a dark, abandoned road, not another soul in sight. But wait… was something moving, up ahead on the roadside? A shiver runs down your spine, as you step on the accelerator. Then a snarl rumbles through the woods, and you pray you don’t run out of gas. Because if you get stranded on these dark, lonely backroads…

You may never see the light of day again.

Featuring the following titles:

1. Smothered with Love by Carl Hughes

2. Salvage by Kris Ashton

3. The Other Side of the Corn by Lori M. Myers

4. Double Take by John Gallant

5. Patron Saint of the Graveyard Shift by James Edward O'Brien

6. Raising the Dead by Justin Boote

7. Execution Day by Stephen Oliver

8. Lung Replacement by Matias Travieso-Diaz

9. Ringmaster of the Carnival by Stephen Johnson

10. The Tombstone by Peter Cronsberry

11. Knee-Jerk Confection by Eddie Generous

12. Safe Space by Brad Kelechava

13. The Souleater by Ron Ripley and Kevin Saito
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