Night Terrors Vol. 18: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Night Terrors Vol. 18: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
7 hours 24 minutes
All aboard the night train to terror…

Trick-or-treating takes a sinister turn when a restless spirit seeks revenge on friends who abandoned him. A man’s worst memories are turned against him in a cruel dystopian nightmare. And a specialist in deadly wildlife encounters an unusual predator with an appetite for human flesh…


The Scare Street train is leaving the station with a new collection of skin-crawling horror. Thirteen tales of nightmares and dark fantasy lurk within its decaying pages. Plenty of reading to occupy your mind, as your train ride to terror begins.


A skeletal hand takes your ticket. The conductor’s rotting lips curl into an sinister grin. Ghostly passengers drift through the car as the engine’s whistle blows.


Through the window, you see a dark tunnel ahead. Giant fangs glisten in the moonlight, surrounding the dark, gaping passageway. As the train plunges deeper into the monstrous maw, the other passengers wail in fright. The giant mouth is closing, and a horrifying realization dawns on you...


Looks like you bought a one-way ticket.


And this train ride is about to become your last…


This volume features to following stories:

1. Underselling the Horror by Radar DeBoard

2. Quiet as a Mouse by Danna Greenwood

3. Landlocked by Georgia Cook

4. Apex Predator by Richard Beauchamp

5. Misery Loop by Caleb Jones

6. Timmy Thomerson's Turn by Erik McHatton

7. The Dog Walkers by Edward Ahern

8. Coming Back by Charles Welch

9. Metamorphosis by Shea E. Butler

10. Lock the Doors by Matt Micheli

11. Berg by Tom Prentice

12. Mousetrap by Al Hagan

13. The Firebug by Ron Ripley and Kevin Saito
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