Night Terrors Vol. 23: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Night Terrors Vol. 23: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
7 hours 46 minutes
Terror comes in many forms and faces...

A poverty-stricken girl develops a strange ability that makes her family rich, but at a terrible price. A grieving attorney teams up with a terrifying mythological force to prove that justice reaches beyond the grave. And a police officer discovers that a quiet little antique store is ground zero for an invasion of horrific creatures, hiding in plain sight…

Scare Street is proud to present thirteen terrifying new tales in this sinister collection, featuring strange creatures, terrifying forces, new realms of horror, and more.

So many chilling nightmares inside, just waiting to be unleashed. Fear wears many faces, and each grimacing mask of death is more unsettling than the last.

Go ahead, devour just one more tale before the sun goes down… Don’t be shy.

Which grinning apparition will be the one to make you scream out loud?

Let’s turn the page and find out…

This volume features the following short stories:

1. Lymphatic Pearls by Justin Moritz

2. Best Interest of the Clients by Dennis K. Crosby

3. Sleep No More by Jim Nemeth

4. Miles from Stokes by Peter J. Larrivee

5. Stone Of Golgotha by Gina Easton

6. Not All Gone by Rachael Boucker

7. The Golden Coqui by E. E. King and Richard Lau

8. The Blaker Street Chimera by Adam Newnham

9. The Bobby Sheldon Guarantee by Mark Towse

10. Like Their Owners by Thomas Nicholson

11. He & I by MJ Gardner

12. The Brine Song by Morgan Quaid

13. Brought Home by Ron Ripley and Nick Efstathiou
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