Night Terrors Vol. 8: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Night Terrors Vol. 8: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
7 hours 3 minutes
When you turn out the lights, the terror begins…
A young man returns home and discovers the monster he feared as a child may be real after all. An accident in the shower traps an elderly woman in a nightmarish struggle for survival. And when a ghost hunter investigates the death of his lover, he learns that a local ghost story may hide a sinister grain of truth…

Nightmares slither from the shadows in Scare Street’s latest spine-tingling collection. Thirteen tales of the macabre await in this chilling new volume.

Can you hear them in the darkness, creeping closer to your bed? The horrifying whispers of undead souls, the wet splash of tentacles writhing across the floor, and the soft rustle of something tugging at your bed sheets…

Don’t worry. It’s probably just your imagination playing tricks on you, as you devour one terrifying tale after another. After all, there’s no such thing as monsters.

But perhaps it’s best to turn the lights back on, just in case…

This volume features the following stories:

1. The Windman by Nika Župan

2. Meeting Death by Justin Boote

3. One Ghost Turned Deserves Another by Chisto Healy

4. A Slide Infinite by Caleb Stephens

5. The Culling by Melissa Burkley

6. The Other Side of the Mirror by Stephen Johnson

7. A Nice Place for Dogs by C. I. I. Jones

8. Sister Steals Fire by S. R. Worman

9. Sweetheart by Bryson Tuckerman

10. Duplex by S. E. Denton

11. Dendrites in Her Eyes by Irina Slav

12. The Cat and the Crawlspace by J. Herrera Kamin

13. Elsbeth’s Promise by Ron Ripley
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