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Written By: Isaac Asimov

Narrated By: Stephen Eley

Date: January 2011

Duration: 1 hours 32 minutes


"Nightfall - ""Nightfall"" is an influential science fiction short, about the coming of darkness to the people of a planet ordinarily illuminated at all times on all sides. It was subsequently adapted to become a novel.
Considered a classic of the genre, Nightfall has been anthologized no fewer than four dozen times, and has appeared in at least another half-dozen collections of Asimov's older stories. In 1968, the Science Fiction Writers of America voted Nightfall the best science fiction short story ever written prior to the establishment of the Nebula Awards in 1965 and included it in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One, 1929-1964."


  • Anonymous

    Very interesting and well read. Adding to my all time favorites.

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  • Anonymous

    Disappointed that they didn’t read the whole book. What happened afterwards. Some main characters were also missing!

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  • Larry R.

    While relatively short as far as audiobooks go, “Nightfall” is a perfect illustration of two timeless expressions. The first, “Less is more, ” reminds us that a well-written book is one in which the words used are done so in dedication to the story itself, allowing the imaginations of the readers to create for themselves that which is left unsaid. The second, “We fear that which we do not understand, ” is the basic foundation upon which each character, subplot, and description grows. This universally shared fear, rather than being limiting, allows for each reader to personalize the story in ways rarely available in works of fiction. The diversity of fear provides considerable room for other, personally unique fears to become part of the story, slowly rising within the minds of the individual reader. “Nightfall” is a rare treat that effortlessly engages the random activation of all our natural senses. It runs the gamut of human emotions in such a way that by the end, the reader is left breathless and emotionally shaken to the core...but still desiring more. “Nightfall” will stay with you long after the turning of the last page. It continues on even after the last word echoes throughout the mind. Sci-Fi was created for and by works such as this one. Enjoy!

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  • Rod M

    That was an interesting book. What would it be like to never be in darkness?

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  • Anonymous

    No idea why people kept listing this as their favorite sci-fi story. It was super boring and the narrator was irritating.

  • Anonymous

    Great work!

  • Anonymous

    not my cup if tea but the narrator made it possible.. kinda a a ill thought who know might happen.. might

  • Anonymous

    Asimov was always good at changing how I look at things

  • Adam Geisler

    It is a great book, but this isn't a book but a podcast of the beginning of the book.

  • Anonymous

    What a great- timeless story. I enjoyed it several years ago and enjoyed it just as much today.


by Isaac Asimov

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Nightfall, Isaac Asimov
Nightfall, Isaac Asimov
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Nightfall, Isaac Asimov
This title is due for release on January 1, 2011
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Nightfall, Isaac Asimov
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Nightfall, Isaac Asimov

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