No Bad Deed

No Bad Deed

Written by:
Emma Cole
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
6 hours 14 minutes
My name is Eden Moretti.

After leaving the Carlotti heirs for my own safety, unsure of if, or when, I'd return, I set out on a journey of self-discovery and healing. But my travels abruptly ended when I discovered the men I couldn't ever fully put out of my mind making national news. I watched from hundreds of miles away as they were arrested.

For murdering the two dirty cops. For my alleged kidnapping.

I knew it was either a ploy to flush me out or a convenient lie to put them away, but I made the call to Vinnie anyway. Now I'm on my way home to try to rescue my original bad habits.

Even though I was on my way to help exonerate them, I was too late to save them from our enemies. They hurt my men, but now I'll have my revenge.

If they want to escape my wrath, well, they'd better kill me first.

No Bad Deed is a dark mafia reverse harem and the epic conclusion to the Bad Habits Duology. HEA, lots of spice, and everything not so nice, are guaranteed.

Mature audiences only. All characters are over the age of 21.

Content warning includes but is not limited to: vulgar speech, explicit scenes, drug use, violence, gore, dub/noncon, and possibly a myriad of other aspects that may not be suitable for all readers.
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