Noah’s Rights

Written by:
Kenni York
Narrated by:
Misty Reign

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
7 hours 48 minutes
Nearly every two minutes in America someone is sexually assaulted. Olivia Collins, an urban author residing in the heart of the hood, knows this better than anyone. Working hard to repress her own issues, Olivia encounters Noah, an underprivileged foster kid who views himself as a number, a statistic. As the awkward duo gets to know one another, secrets about Noah begin to unfold while unraveling Olivia’s resolve and forcing her to deal with her own demons. No one understands her sudden and unexplainable connection to or concern for the young boy, but their relationship runs deeper than anyone around her could ever understand given her undisclosed past. Olivia’s certain that she and Noah share a bond solidified by a common pain making them nearly one in the same, for she too is a statistic in her own way.
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Latoya L.

Whew....started off very disturbing but I couldn't stop reading. This book explains my current job and my passion for child advocacy. Being a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is an important job and their voice in this broken system. Kennedy (Olivia) who was introduced in the beginning of the story was also a child being abused and molested by her own father. She endured it for years, when she finally left home, she changed her name to Olivia in effort to separate herself from that life. One day after work she gets home and theirs a kid (Noah) sitting on her porch, crying and visibly shaken. Noah told her that he didn't want to but someone made him take the drugs and told him he had to sell it. Not knowing they'd be bridged together from that day forward. Noah ended up running to her house all times of the day and night, which prompted her look out for the best interest of Noah. With her becoming his CASA and fighting to the end to get him the help he needs and out of the Foster parents house. In the Foster home, Ms May's was molestating him, her son was letting his drug clients have sex with Noah for payment, beating Noah, starving him. DFCS was even falsifying paperwork along with the schools administration which failed Noah and kept him in the home with the ones who was doing the harm. Ultimately Noah was killed in his Foster home....This story broke me, unfortunately this happens more often than not. Sexual abuse is the most unreported crime, and it's by someone they know, parental predators, or someone of authority. I beg....please help and listen to the children. #Book25of2022 #Bookworm #Whatsnext

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