Of Fire and Night: The Saga of Seven Suns, Book 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2006
18 hours 30 minutes
The extermination of Earth is at hand. With his increasingly irrational leadership Basil Wenceslas, chairman of the Hansa, has driven humanity into a corner. His punitive treatment of the Hansa colonies and the Roamers as well as his refusal to aid an embattled Theroc have made enemies for the people of Earth. Enemies that the Hansa cannot afford. Not when Wenceslas is struggling against revolt by soldier compies, who decimate the military by stealing ships and slaughtering soldiers; and betrayal by the Ildirans, led by Jora’h the Mage-Imperator, who is secretly scheming with the hydrogues to annihilate Earth.Now disparate factions of humanity must plan for their own salvation. Worldtrees allied with humans on Theroc have rallied hulking, thorny tree battleships. Roamers work with powerful water entities, the wentals, to seed planets everywhere with a growing force to challenge the hydrogues.But when the final battle with the hydrogues is joined, who will aid the people of Earth?
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Richard Leonard

Still a great and engaging story, even if I get a little lost in all the characters and battles when I don't pay attention. :-) I did prefer the other narrator though.

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