O'Hara'S Choice

Written by:
Leon Uris
Narrated by:
Jack Garrett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2005
14 hours 57 minutes
Two decades after the Civil War, first-generation Irish-American Zachary O'Hara, son of a legendary Marine and a force of a man in his own right, finds himself playing a critical role as the very existence of the Marine Corps is being decided. If he can help persuade the Secretary of the Navy that the Marines will be crucial to America's security in years to come -- all the while hefting a heavy, secret weight in his heart -- he'll save the Corps and make his career.But there's an obstacle in his path that this warrior hadn't planned on. Amanda Blanton Kerr, the daughter of a ruthless industrialist, is on a mission of her own; passionate, obstinate, and whip-smart, she's an heiress poised to blaze a trail for all women.

O'Hara's Choice is the story of the inevitable collision of these two handsome, fighting spirits, in which getting their souls' desires could jeopardize everything they -- and their parents before them -- scraped and struggled to achieve.
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Michelle Johnson

Hated and I'm sorry but narrator was awful Read to slow and story just all over the place. Boring

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Lee Werley

Interesting story. If it weren't for the fact that my father is a Marine, I would have not enjoyed it as much. Some of it was hard to follow because it jumped around and the characters kept changing.

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This is the blood 'n guts story of the early days of the Marines. Uris relates the accumulation of military knowledge learned from past battles, but does so with his characteristic colorful writing style. "Oh stew a barking dog!" curses a Marine. Another observes "his Presbyterian belief in God is the only damn thing his family ever gave him." Commanders name the individual islands they plan to secure "Sinkhole," "Mudhole," "Blackhole," "Asshole," "Petite Asshole" and "Shithole." This is as raunchy as the book gets. Uris's trademark tormented love story occurs between Catholic Zach and Protestant Amanda, who find they must make difficult life choices to remain together. Uris has written much better, but I'm glad he's still there for me.

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