One Foot in the Grave: The Collected BBC Radio Comedies

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
3 hours 16 minutes
Crabby, crusty, and curmudgeonly he may be, but Victor Meldrew, played brilliantly by Richard Wilson, voices the exasperation of the once silent majority. Accompanied by his long-suffering wife Margaret (Annette Crosbie), Victor's howlingly funny battles against what he perceives as modern-day ills have turned him into one of the great comic creations of our time.
This collection gathers three of the best TV episodes from the well-known BBC 1 Series and an additional four scripts that were specially adapted for radio by One Foot in the Grave creator David Renwick and fully re-recorded by the cast.

The episodes are:
Alive and Buried': Made redundant at 60, Victor Meldrew has plenty of time on his hands, except now he has to contend with Age Concern workers and unreliable mechanics.

'Timeless Time': It's night-time. Victor can't sleep, which means that Margaret won't be able to either.

'In Luton Airport No-one Can Hear You Scream': Victor and Margaret return from holiday to find their home has been demolished.

'The Beast in the Cage': Victor encounters road rage when he's stuck in a bank-holiday traffic jam.

'The Man in the Long Black Coat': Following the garden gnome incident, Victor Meldrew's feud with neighbour Patrick continues apace. Added to that, Victor has also bought some radioactive manure for his allotment.

The Broken Reflection': Victor is acting as a neighbourhood vigilante and is not looking forward to his accident-prone brother coming to visit from New Zealand.

The Trial': Although selected for jury service, Victor hasn't yet been required in court. However, he is still on call and therefore stuck at home all day. Can he survive the boredom?
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