One Golden Day

Written by:
Charles D'amico
Narrated by:
Gabriel Michael

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
5 hours 51 minutes
The author that brought you “Veritas” the first in the Neil Baggio series brings you a day in the life of the Golden Family from Amarillo told through the eye of Travis Golden on his wedding day. As he reflects through the years of his life with his twin sister Terra, growing up in a stressful household, overcoming the odds to reach his goal and meeting the woman of his dreams.
From the outside people see Travis as a successful professional basketball player marrying his college sweetheart, from a perfect family from Amarillo. What they don’t see is we all go through trials, tribulations, and strife. Feel the good, the bad, and the tears through the eyes of Travis as he takes you through his journey that will pull at your heart. His wedding day will mirror the life he has led, from his habit of playing basketball when stressed, like dealing with a loss in the family. His greatest day, his wedding day, the culmination of his life will bring him to his knees.
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