The Only Way to Go Is Up: The Office Politics Class

The Only Way to Go Is Up: The Office Politics Class

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Release Date
September 2022
2 hours 26 minutes
Life in the ancient ages was not as “easy” as it has become in the last two hundred years! It was literally a very dangerous place to be, and you could get yourself in trouble, or even killed, quite easily and without much effort. The best two inventions ever created by humankind are laws and law enforcement. Without them, we would still be living in a jungle-like state where every one of us would do as he pleased and we would have no security whatsoever. Laws and law enforcement came as a necessary measure to protect each and every individual in society, and that is why people are so scared of wars and chaos, as if these two happen, both law and law enforcement would be suspended, well, at least in practice, which is what counts.

When I got married, my wife was 23 years old and I was moving to a new job, and right after the wedding, when we traveled so we could join our new companies, the first thing she told me was not to trust anyone at work. She said that if we could not trust anyone in life in general, what would we say about work, where everybody is a competitor or, at least, a potential competitor. Keep this in mind while you go through your corporate journey, as it is as true now as it was since the beginning of time.

In this book you will learn:

- How to deal with a difficult boss
- How to deal with colleagues
- How to get promoted without adding any physical effort.
- How to deal with difficult situations
- How to avoid your boss or colleagues stealing your work credits
- And so much more.

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