Written by:
Mike Evans
Narrated by:
Tj Clark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
9 hours 21 minutes
Follow the desperate journey of a scientist who will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves from a disease that is slowly consuming her body. But his actions have unintended consequences that plunge the world into a bloody and chaotic apocalypse, where the living are outnumbered by the ravenous, superhuman zombies that roam the streets.

In this toxic new world, no one is safe. The scientist's only son must navigate this character-driven hell, facing unimaginable challenges as he fights for survival in a world where death lurks around every corner.

Amid the chaos and destruction, the son must find a way to bring hope to the apocalyptic nightmare, but the odds are against him. With danger and betrayal at every turn, he must summon all his courage and strength to overcome the challenges that stand in his way.

Can he survive in a world that has been turned upside down by the virus? Can he find a cure to stop the zombie apocalypse? The fate of humanity rests in his hands.

Contains mature themes.
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Johanna M.

if you are a fan of zombies, you're going to love the Orphans series by Mike Evans.

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Lisa A.

Mike Evan’s book Origins is an amazing take on the zombie outbreak. I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Not so happy with this app and going forward I will avoid it like the plague but the story kicks 999 kinds of butt!

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