Our Song

Written by:
Lauren Runow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
9 hours 16 minutes
After a devastating accident crushed my dreams, I ended up back in my hometown teaching kindergarten. I was trying to make the best of it. That is, until the world I had to leave behind, showed up in my classroom in the form of a five-year-old little girl. Her father living the exact life I almost had.

Adam Jacobson is known as the bad boy of rock. While he and his band tour the world, they leave a trail of mayhem. What no one knows is behind the music is a caring, straightedge man with a secret-a daughter who the world is about to discover.

When they move to my small town, their secret is blown. He needs my help to keep her out of the media, and with each exchange we grow closer. Only problem is I need to stay away from the memories he ignites, and the temptations he brings my way.

Secrets I've kept and thoughts of that fatal night come crashing back into my life. I have to wonder if it was more than fate that brought his little girl into my classroom.

Contains mature themes.
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I don't believe I've listened to Erik Bloomquist or Madeleine Dauer previously. However, I think they did a pretty good job with the narration. I do wish Adam's voice was a bit grittier or a bit rougher sounding since he was a rockstar. He was a bit too normal sounding, if that makes sense. Madeleine Dauer portrayed Sara pretty perfectly. I could imagine her as a kindergarten teacher and reading Giraffes Can't Dance to a room full of students. I really love the positivity in the story though. Adam's life hasn't been easy and I love how he used music to get through the hard times he had in life... even if we aren't privy to alot of his issues. It's really good to show positive ways of dealing with life and struggling through tough times. The only real negative thing I can think of is Sara. I really wish she was a stronger heroine. She let's so many people talk negatively and treat her badly. I wish she would have stood up for herself more especially with her father. I really like heroines to be a bit stronger or at least to really show her strength a bit more and to be proud. She has it in her and she did finally bare her teeth but I felt like she wanted to run more than face her problems. The icing on the cake was Cailin!! She was just sweet a pie and just full of it. She was way more mature than most 5 year olds but that seemed pretty understandable with it just being her and her dad (and nanny's) as well as being on the road all of her life. She'd actually be more comfortable with adults than children more than likely. Anywho, Adam and Cailin were way more than adorable! I loved listening to their antics. And the ending, this book had one of my favorite endings with how everything went down.

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Diane S.

Our Song is a sweet, emotional love story. *Single dad *precocious child *rock star *small town This story checks all the boxes for me!! Adam Jacobson is a bad boy Rock Star with a young daughter that no one knows about. Sarah Russo is the preacher’s daughter teaching kindergarten in a small town. She tries to avoid Adam because he brings back memories of the life she left behind. “I just held her hand; she did the rest,” he responds. ...“Sometimes, that’s all you need in life—to have someone who will hold your hand through anything.” I listened to most of this book on audio and loved the narration. I’m definitely a fan of these narrators. -4 Stars!-

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Kari G.

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!!! Sarah’s attempt to chart her own course and follow her dreams ended in a violent tragedy that finds her back in her hometown and living the life that her parents want for her. This is not the life she wants to live but she believes it is what she deserves until one of the kindergarten students and her father show her that she is destined for so much more. Adam is a famous rock star who is also a single father to daughter Caitlin who is the driving force of his life. He has a painful past and is so much more than the tattooed rocker he appears to be however convincing the townspeople has been a challenge. There is no denying the chemistry and connection between them and Adam is determined to not only help Sarah heal from her past but give her the strength and support she needs to pursue her dreams. I received a complimentary copy of the audio book and thought the narrators did a great job with all the voices and it was easy to differentiate the different characters.

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