Out of the Dark

Written by:
David Weber
Narrated by:
Charles Keating

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2010
16 hours 49 minutes
The launch of a new science fiction adventure series--by the New York Times-best selling author of the Safehold series and the Honor Harrington series

The Galactic Hegemony has been around a long time, and it likes stability--the kind of stability that member species like the aggressive, carnivorous Shongairi tend to disturb. So when the Hegemony Survey Force encountered a world whose so-called 'sentients'--'humans,' they called themselves--were almost as bad as the Shongairi themselves, it seemed reasonable to use the Shongairi to neutralize them before they could become a second threat to galactic peace. And if the Shongairi took a few knocks in the process, all the better.

Now, Earth is conquered. The Shongairi have arrived in force, and humanity's cities lie in radioactive ruins. In mere minutes, more than half the human race has died.

Master Sergeant Stephen Buchevsky, who thought he was being rotated home from his latest tour in Afghanistan, finds himself instead prowling the back country of the Balkans, dodging alien patrols and trying to organize scattered survivors without getting killed. And in the southeastern US, firearms instructor and former Marine Dave Dvorak finds himself at the center of a growing network of resistance--putting his extended family at lethal risk, but what else can you do?

On the face of it, Buchevsky's and Dvorak's chances look bleak, as do prospects for the rest of the surviving human race. But it may well be that Shongairi and the Hegemony alike have underestimated the inhabitants of that strange planet called Earth... in David Weber's Out of the Dark.
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It never seems to stop. How authors mix fiction with noxious political drivel. I won't rent anything from this author again. I prefer JUST good fiction

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Kobus Swart

Good scifi story right up to the end, then the vampire angle spoilt it totally.

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Adam Geisler

(Spoiler will be coming at end of this review because it really is too much to believe how ridiculous the change was.) So...if you're looking for sci-fi, don't get this book. If you like the Armageddon reef series...it is just like it, until it completely throws out all rational progression and goes full fantasy in the last chapters. I had to finish it just to check if it was a farce. I don't know if he just thought he'd backed his characters into an inescapable corner(I thought not) or his publishers made him rush the last chapters, but it was a completely ridiculous change of genre and theme. (spoiler coking soon...)Was fine up til that point, but that throws out the rest as not worth having wasted my time on. just when you think he's going to reveal an innovative way the humans adapted to the alien tech, Vlad the impaler, yes Dracula, come out with an army of smoke bodied vampires and fly through space to win the day, and then they are nice friendly monsters who love the church and who just want to be loved. yeah...don't bother, I'm giving up on David weber all together after this stupidity, hoping I can purge it from my memory

Out of the Dark
This title is due for release on September 28, 2010.

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Out of the Dark
This title is due for release on September 28, 2010
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Out of the Dark
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Out of the Dark

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