Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History

Written by:
Nur Masalha
Narrated by:
Fajer Al-Kaisi

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
16 hours 1 minute
This rich and magisterial work traces Palestine's millennia-old heritage, uncovering cultures and societies of astounding depth and complexity that stretch back to the very beginnings of recorded history.

Starting with the earliest references in Egyptian and Assyrian texts, Nur Masalha explores how Palestine and its Palestinian identity have evolved over thousands of years, from the Bronze Age to the present day. Drawing on a rich body of sources and the latest archaeological evidence, Masalha shows how Palestine's multicultural past has been distorted and mythologised by Biblical lore and the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In the process, Masalha reveals that the concept of Palestine, contrary to accepted belief, is not a modern invention or one constructed in opposition to Israel, but rooted firmly in ancient past. Palestine represents the authoritative account of the country's history.
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Seminal Work. Dissects the Palestine issue from antiquity. For all those who want to find the truth about Palestine occupation. Wondering why these books were not reviewed on world forums and newspapers. Again as Ilan Pappe says, the truth behind Israel was deliberately obscured from the political memory of the worl. Gaza has bleeded alot but it has also brought the truth behind Zionists colonial project.

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Not only is the book rebutting old misconceptions, it's useful as an example of analytical writing in general. Although it offers tons of empirical evidence and the narrative is diachronic at times, the conceptual framework and the main theses are present and relevant.

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