Parenting the Confident Teen: Stop Disrespect and Raise a Confident Teenager

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Unabridged Audiobook

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July 2017
8 hours 21 minutes
Parenting a defiant teen can be a daunting, hair-pulling experience! It’s tough to be a cool, compassionate parent when your teen is lashing out, lying, taking drugs, or otherwise engaging in risky behavior. Balancing your teen’s need to grow into independence while providing them clear guidance can seem like an impossible task for a lot of parents. Help is here.

Join a host of renowned speakers and bestselling authors to discover how you can establish boundaries, gain respect, and turn around problem behaviors with your teenager. This indispensable collection of audio programs will give you the tools needed in guiding your teen to gain more confidence, have better judgment, and pursue a successful future.

You’ll learn techniques for managing your own communication and navigating tough situations so your teen can thrive during these turbulent years. You will begin to see results fast. Program titles include

Stop Defiance & Disrespect NOW by Kirk Martin and Casey Martin;Building a Great Future for Your Teen by Dr. Larry Iverson;Defining Values with Your Teen by Liv Montgomery;Raising Well-Behaved Teens by Pat Pearson;Self-Esteem for Teenagers by Dawn Jones;Set Your Teenager Up to Win by Dr. Larry Iverson;Negotiating the Rules with Your Teenager by Liv Montgomery;Setting Life Goals with Your Teen by Liv Montgomery;Developing Confidence with Your Teenager by Liv Montgomery;10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen by Sharon Ballantine;Homework, Messy Rooms, and Eating Habits by Sharon Ballantine; andStop Texting While I’m Talking to You! by Rob and Cara Lane.This essential collection will help you discover how to reach your teen and guide them into being a responsible, well-adjusted young adult. Own it today!
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