People Who Knew Me

Written by:
Kim Hooper

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
10 hours 25 minutes
Emily Morris got her happily-ever-after earlier than most. Married at a young age to a man she loved passionately, she was building the life she always wanted. But when enormous stress threatened her marriage, Emily made some rash decisions. That’s when she fell in love with someone else. That’s when she got pregnant. Resolved to tell her husband of the affair and to leave him for the father of her child, Emily’s plans are thwarted when the world is suddenly split open on 9/11. It’s amid terrible tragedy that she finds her freedom, leaving New York City to start a new life. It’s not easy, but Emily—now Connie Prynne?forges a new happily-ever-after in California. But when a life-threatening diagnosis upends everything, she is forced to rethink her life for the good of her thirteen-year-old daughter.
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Loved it. I don’t normally get emotional when I’m listening, watching or reading a story but this one got me for sure. How she disappeared and created a new life seems amazing at times. I did not want her to die, I was hoping she would live through the cancer then there could have been sequel on what happened after. I wonder if a sequel could be made , one about Claire and where her life went. Becoming completely invested in the characters then the story ending with no completion of the story is always a bummer!

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Jessica S.

Really good

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