A Perfect Crime

Written by:
Peter Abrahams
Narrated by:
Sharon Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2009
11 hours 3 minutes
The unfaithful wife. With her no-nonsense business savvy and exquisite eye for acquisition, Francie is a rising star in the Boston art world. But her personal life is about to take a decidedly dark turn….

The cheating lover. A virile and charismatic radio psychologist, Ned hosts a popular show poised on the brink of syndication. Though married and successful, he has one fatal weakness….

The loyal friend. Anne, a vulnerable and trusting wife and mother, desperately needs to confide in someone. Unfortunately, some secrets aren't meant to be shared….

The jealous husband. Exeter, first in his class, Harvard, summa in economics. Now out of work and falling fast, Roger conceives a brilliant, violent plan that could put him back on top….
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This book made me twitch to the point where I couldn't finish listening to it. The characters were all bubbling cauldrons of neuroses, and the story line was too macabre.

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