Written by:
Robert Costa , Bob Woodward
Narrated by:
Robert Petkoff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
13 hours 35 minutes
The transition from President Donald J. Trump to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. stands as one of the most dangerous periods in American history.

But as #1 internationally bestselling author Bob Woodward and acclaimed reporter Robert Costa reveal for the first time, it was far more than just a domestic political crisis. Woodward and Costa interviewed more than 200 people at the center of the turmoil, resulting in more than 6,000 pages of transcripts—and a spellbinding and definitive portrait of a nation on the brink.

This classic study of Washington takes readers deep inside the Trump White House, the Biden White House, the 2020 campaign, and the Pentagon and Congress, with eyewitness accounts of what really happened. Intimate scenes are supplemented with never-before-seen material from secret orders, transcripts of confidential calls, diaries, emails, meeting notes and other personal and government records, making Peril an unparalleled history. It is also the first inside look at Biden’s presidency as he began his presidency facing the challenges of a lifetime: the continuing deadly pandemic and millions of Americans facing soul-crushing economic pain, all the while navigating a bitter and disabling partisan divide, a world rife with threats, and the hovering, dark shadow of the former president.
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D.L. Phillips

I found that reading this book gave me a renewed sense of purpose. #NotAnotherDemocrat Yep, this book is a testimony that Lee Atwater is now a demon in hell, possessing the fallen political operatives of our time. If Bob was completely fooled by the propagandists, then I am disappointed he didn’t know better. If Bob was not fooled, but coerced, then he owes G. Gordon Liddy an apology. If Bob is just delusional and couldn’t spot a lie if it was in the shape of a hammer. Then his editor should be ashamed for allowing such an iconic author to be co-opted like this. Without spoiling the book for those people who like historical fiction, I will say this. If Alan Dulles was interviewed, instead of a stolen interview with another CIA director, he might tidied this up considerably. Instead, this is Bob Woodward’s literary Bay of Pigs. He is a liar, who interviewed liars. This book will go down as one of the saddest political gardens of all time. I want YOU to read it. I want you to buy this book! I want you to eat this whole plate like your mother would make you do with a meal you don’t like. If you aren’t sick to your stomach by the end of it, then you’re a true полезный идиот. If, you are sick to your stomach, then this is good. Your mind is causing your body to react the way it should, to stuff it should never ingest…

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I really thought they were very one sided in their tale. Certainly looked for the worst in President Trump and the best in Biden.

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This book is the reason why most Americans don't trust anything media or Biden and his China ran white house. when you have a corrupt president that takes money from our enemies and tells the Ukraine prosecutor if he looks into his sons company he is not getting money from the US government. ( Google or YouTube it if you don't believe me.) I'm not Democrat or Republican. I see the corruption and the Nut jobs in the white house. I see Americans paying triple for fuel and groceries dont forget Joe Biden has open borders allowing illegals in our country and took away all of our energy independence.

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Pat C.

He was/is every bit as bad as we thought.

Well, research, insightful

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Enjoyed learning the back stories, even though we still hear them so often now.

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It was nice to know what the people close to him really thought about him!

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The propaganda machine is alive and well print, radio, and TV! This country’s government sickens me almost as much as so called journalism and what they call news! Brainwashing started right around 2008

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Lori S.

This book was very good and given me insight of Trumps ego and how he will do or say anything to hurt our Country and seek revenge on others. It made sad to hear how scared elected people will not make a stand and acknowledge the truth. It make sense of why our Country’s Democracy is at in trouble.

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Scott F.

Good listen, but a lot of overlap with “I Alone Can Fix It.” Often wondered if I’d clicked on that instead of “Peril.” Narration was spot on.

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Gayle M.

Of the three books by Bob Woodward et al I found Peril to be the most interesting . It is well laid out, with the stories of Joe Biden run for the presidency and and Donald Trump's second ry Whether you prefer one over the other it is impossible not to contrast the personalities. I was surprised by DJT's almost constant shouting and cursing. It is obvious that DKT is in over his head when it gets to gov't policies and procedures. But he makes up for it with ego. I wanted to laugh sometimes but really I was too afraid to. Gayle M

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