The Poisoned Pen

Written by:
Arthur B. Reeve
Narrated by:
Andrew Scott

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
10 hours 10 minutes
The Poisoned Pen is a collection of 12 detective short stories by Arthur B. Reeve, featuring Craig Kennedy and Walter Jameson—the American Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Excerpt from the book: 'Kennedy's suit-case was lying open on the bed, and he was literally throwing things into it from his chiffonier, as I entered after a hurried trip up-town from the Star office in response to an urgent message from him. 'Come, Walter,' he cried, hastily stuffing in a package of clean laundry without taking off the wrapping-paper, 'I've got your suit-case out. Pack up whatever you can in five minutes. We must take the six o'clock train for Danbridge.' I did not wait to hear any more. The mere mention of the name of the quaint and quiet little Connecticut town was sufficient. For Danbridge was on everybody's lips at that time. It was the scene of the now famous Danbridge poisoning case—a brutal case in which the pretty little actress, Vera Lytton, had been the victim.'
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