A Portrait of Jesus

Written by:
Joseph Girzone
Narrated by:
Raymond Todd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
5 hours 12 minutes
There are countless paths to follow when seeking spiritual guidance, but thousands of years of theology and religion cannot replace the premier example that Jesus himself set for us. In A Portrait of Jesus, bestselling writer Joseph Girzone recaptures the truth of Jesus that is presented to us in the Gospels and gives a compelling vision of the person Jesus’ contemporaries must have known.

Girzone seeks to personify Christ in the minds of readers by asking some simple questions: “What did people see in Jesus as He walked down the street? How did He approach others and what would these people take away from meeting Him? What do His actions tell us about how we can live our lives today?”

Girzone’s empowering and loving understanding of the heart of Christianity will make this another groundbreaking classic in the tradition of his other works, Joshua and Never Alone.
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I have listened to this book three times. It is very inspiring and well written. A must for every new christian. It would be great if we could all follow his example.

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This book makes you re-think who Jesus is, what He was like, and what His priorities were. It was a boost for my faith! It made Jesus real.

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Sorry to say: I was disappointed in the tempo of this book. I had my expectations to high. I was trying to grasp the inspiration of the book but found myself frequently lost.

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As a Catholic growing up in the church and practicing faithfully I was tenderly touched by this book. I felt more than ever how "Human" Jesus was and, how divine at the same time. I have often felt that we do not take ourselves beyond the Sunday Gospels to realize that Jesus had become "man" and was trying to show us how easy it could be to be a good, holy person born in his image and likeness. I know that this is now possible

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Karl Ohlandt

This book has brief moments when the author eloquently describes the character of Jesus. During these moments I loved the book. Unfortunately I was constantly irritated by the dramatic fluctuations in volume due to the poor recording.

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A good presentation of Jesus as He is known from the Bible. I obtained many good insights from this book.

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J. Clark

The book is wonderful. but the atrocious audio quality makes this audiobook annoying and difficult to listen to and sabotages its message.

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I expected more anectodes followed by the writer's interpretation and analysis, and less putting down of organized religion. I don't object to the writer's opinions on religion, I simply didn't expect as much negativity on that subject in a book titled "A Portrait of Jesus". Nevertheless, it did bring me new insight into Jesus as a man, and how he may have felt in various situations and with different people, so in that respect, it was a worthwhile read. The audio quality was terrible, though, with the volume constantly going up and down. In a car, a person might not notice it as much as when listening with headphones, but it was definitely irritating.

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Disappointing to me. It was very slow and repetitive. On the positive side, hearing it was faith affirming and calming in tone. But for me it didn't measure up to books like Joshua, by the same author.

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This book added so much to my faith and understanding. The author's experience and honesty with various religious beliefs and teachings is very compelling. It enabled me to teach about Jesus to my children with conviction and passion.

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Blenda Mason Pierce

This book brought some fresh insight into the real-life, approachable, loving, Jesus.

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I thought it did a great job in introducing us to Jesus as a Man and as God's Son.

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Shane Nixon

A better narrator would have made this actually pretty good. This guy's pronunciation of the word JESUS, as if it had 3 syllables, was to much.

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Definitely not your run of the mill religious book. It's an amazing work based on scripture and history of what Jesus was really like. I have studied Christain religion for many years. This was an enlightenment.

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