Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 1 minute
Graphic Audio proudly presents the saga that starts it all – the epic adventure that reveals the roots of Preacher.

Before the legend of Preacher there was the man and before the man there was the boy.

In 1812, twelve year old Art is a boy filled with wanderlust and raw courage. He runs away from home to begin a journey from Ohio westward. Along the way, he'll run up against badlands and bad men. He'll lose his freedom, gain his freedom, fight in the bloody Battle of New Orleans and learn the first rule of the frontier: do whatever it takes to survive.

With ruthless enemies after him—both white men and Indians—Art will head for a place as brutal as it is beautiful—the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. The trail he rides will transform the boy into one of the most feared and admired men of his time...a man called Preacher.
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