The Private Garden: A dark spicy romance

Written by:
Oly Tl

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
20 hours 41 minutes
The most disturbing and transgressive of contracts...Tiger Sexton seems to have it all. Charisma. Respect. Relentless business acumen. More fortune than he could spend in a life and a sublime wife, Sophia. When Oceane is invited by Mrs. Sexton for a job interview in one of the restaurants that her husband gave her, the young French tourist knows nothing about this couple. Their name means nothing to her, people are not her thing. She just wants a job, a place to live and to move on with her life... Sophia’s proposal comes at the right time: the Sextons are looking for an au pair. But by opening their doors to her, many other locks are likely to open. Is Oceane ready for this? And what about Sophia, and especially the Tiger lurking in this Secret Garden?
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