Profiles in Audacity: Great Decisions and How They Were Made

Written by:
Alan Axelrod
Narrated by:
Scott Peterson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
10 hours 12 minutes
A journey of exploration through history's great decisions and those who had the courage to make them.

In brief, compelling, and inspiring vignettes, bestselling historian Alan Axelrod pinpoints and investigates the make-or-break event in the lives and careers of some of history's most significant figures.

Axelrod reexamines history by revealing the answer to the fascinating question of why the people who made history made their choices-and conveys the resonance of those choices today. The 46 profiles range from ancient times to the present day and include Cleopatra's decision to rescue Egypt; Washington's decision to cross the Delaware and win; Gandhi's decision to prevail against the British Empire without bloodshed; Truman's decision to drop the A-bomb and end WW II; Rosa Parks decision to sit in for civil rights; Boris Yeltsin's decision to embrace a new world order; and Flight 93's decision to take a stand against terror.
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