Promises: Part 1

Written by:
A.E. Via
Narrated by:
Aiden Snow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2019
7 hours 32 minutes
Duke Morgan owns and operates one of the largest bail bond companies in Atlanta. Not only does he bond criminals out of jail, he and his notorious group of bounty hunters will also track them down and ensure they show up for court.

Roman 'Quick' Webb is Duke's business partner and best friend. Both men are in their forties and have given up on the happily ever after with the ranch-style home, and white picket fence. They'd both tried it and failed miserably. But they have their friendship and they have the business.

When Quick's son, Vaughan Webb returns-after seven years-from studying abroad with his law degree in hand, he's back to claim what he's always wanted…his fathers' best friend . . . Duke Morgan. Vaughan has always claimed to be a classic gentleman with an old soul. He was focused and dedicated to becoming the man worthy of Duke's love.

It's a complex and messy situation as Duke and Quick figure out how to still be best friends when one of them is sleeping with his friend's one and only son. But when Duke is hurt on the job, all the unimportant trivialities fall to the wayside and Vaughan and Quick put their heads together to save Duke.

Contains mature themes.
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Susan R.

I enjoyed the narration and story. This is the first book by A.E. Via that I finished. I tried to finish Nothing Special but for some reason that one didn’t work for me. I liked Promises Part 1 much better. The title is kind of misleading because to me it implies that there is a cliffhanger for this story and there is not. I repeat there is no cliffhanger. Aiden Snow has a great voice and I really enjoyed his narration of this story. The book itself is a really hot age-gap story. Vaughn is the son of Duke’s best friend and business partner, Roman “Quick.” Somewhat surprisingly, Quick doesn’t have a big problem with their romance. Vaughn has wanted Duke since he was a teenager but he knew he had to wait until he was older and until Duke was no longer involved with Judge. (Note, I think that Judge was a character in a previous book in a different series. I didn’t read his book and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything when I read this one.) There is plenty of sexy time in this story – like really hot sexy time. There’s also a fair amount of action as Duke is a bounty hunter. I was really intrigued by Vaughn’s father, Quick. The set up for his book, Promises Part 2, is really good. While there is no cliffhanger for Promises Part 1, A.E. Via whetted my appetite for Quick’s story and I definitely want to see how it evolves and ends.

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Mari C.

5 Stars! So, I read this book a bit over 4 years ago and I loved it, so of course, I was going to jump at the chance of listening to the audiobook.  A.E. Via has such a knack of writing big, strong, bad-ass alpha guys that can also be romantic and vulnerable and sweet and make them believable and not a caricature of themselves. Duke was a badass bounty hunter and he would turn into a sweet kitten for his Vaughn and I totally fell for him and their love story, hook, line and sinker. Vaughn was dreamy and determined to finally win Duke for himself now that he was a man worthy of him and I loved the way he gave Duke everything he ever wanted in a partner and more, so much more.  Promises: Part 1 was exciting, action-packed, romantic, emotional and sexy and a great start for this series.  This is my first book narrated by Aiden Snow, but it definitely won't be the last. My God, the man's voice should be illegal! *melts* His sexy rumble was perfect for Duke and Vaughn and it made an already great book even better for me. Super recommendable! 

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Kara H.

Promises Part I is the first book in the new series, Bounty Hunters by the talented AE Via. I didn't read this when it was first released but I had the pleasure to listen to the audio. Oh man! Aiden Snow and AE Via together are pure magic. I'm in love with his voice and he just brings all of her characters to life with his sexy accents, growls and deep timber. We met Duke in Don’t Judge, and I was more than ready for his story. Duke and Quick work together as bounty hunters and Quick's son Vaughn is coming home after years away. He's not only coming home to see his father, he's coming home to claim the man he's always wanted. Duke. His father's best friend. He's a grown man now and he's always known he was meant to be with Duke. When Duke's hurt getting a bounty, Vaughn has to find a way to save his love. I loved this story! Duke and Vaughn are HOT but also sweet and romantic. I loved the friendship between Duke and Quick and Quick and Vaughn's father son bond. I pretty much loved everyone. Hee hee. I'm looking forward to listening to Quick's story!

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Chantelle B.

Loved it! I've volunteered to review this book for United Indie Book Blog. This is my first reading/listening to one of A. E. Via stories. I had an audio version of it. This story is about Duke and Vaughan. Promises part 1 is about true love, also it shows alot of sacrifice, understanding and acceptance that we go through at times. I found that it is an easy, quick read. I couldn't stop listening to it. I even had to buy the ebook too. I HIGHLY recommend this story. Keep up the amazing work! I can't wait to read or listen to the next book in this swries. Aiden Snow did an amazing job with each characters.

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