Prophet Yunus & the Big Fish in the Sea

Narrated by:
Erin S

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
0 hours 13 minutes
The story of Prophet Yunus (Jonah), peace be upon him, is unique and interesting to many adults as well as children. The story of Prophet Yunus's nation starts with God sending his Prophet to the people in this town to call them and teach them to worship God alone without worshipping anyone or anything else and to follow God's Commandments. But the people in this town were stubborn and did not listen. So, Prophet Jonah, peace be upon him, decided to do something without God’s permission, which ended him up in the belly of a big fish.
This beautiful Islamic children’s picture book is perfect for Muslim kids & non-Muslim kids who love bedtime stories. It features colorful illustrations on every page to keep your child's attention while introducing them to Prophet Yunus (Jonah, peace be upon him) and teaching the story of his struggle to spread the Message of God.
This cute Islamic kid’s book about Prophet Jonah story & the big whale that swallowed him aims to build an Islamic foundation to the basic concepts of Islam to children at an early age. This beautiful Islamic bedtime story is found in the Holy Quran as well as found in the Bible. Not only will your kids be entertained before bed, but they will benefit & learn lessons from the story of Prophet Jonah, peace be upon him. Everyone loves listening to stories, especially kids, and stories help us remember lessons for a long time. This Quran story & Bible story of Jonah, peace be upon him, teaches us the importance & benefits of the beautiful dua supplication prayer that Prophet Yunus peace be upon him, said that got him out of his very difficult situation in which can do the same for us. This goodnight Islamic Bedtime story also teaches the importance and benefits of remembering God often, patience, and how God is always listening and loves us very much. Grab your copy now and check out The Sincere Seeker’s other Islamic Inspirational stories & stories of the Prophets from the Quran books!
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