Pure Seduction

Written by:
Ella Frank
Narrated by:
Elizabeth Hart , Nelson Hobbs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
7 hours 2 minutes
Small towns are definitely not for me. The understanding was that I would one day return to Chamberlin, California. What my father didn't count on was that once he sent me away, I would never come back-at least not until he was gone.

Which brings me to now, his wake. It also brings me to her. The girl who has grown into the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on-Laurel Anderson.

She's looking at me as though she wishes I was the one she watched get buried this morning. Well, nothing to do but see if I can seduce the pure and passionate Laurel, and change that anger I see in her eyes to something just as fiery . . . desire.

The last time I saw Noah Chamberlin, I was a doe-eyed innocent and he was the boy of my dreams. You'd think after all these years, I'd feel the same blind indignation and rage that has haunted me since that day. Instead, I felt something altogether unwanted and unexpected-lust.

If the rumors are true, he's only going to be in Chamberlin for a few days. I can handle that. But when Noah's forced to stay and run the family business, it puts us in dangerously close proximity. And in a town this small, that can only mean one thing-trouble.

Contains mature themes.
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