The Puzzle of Blackstone Lodge

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
11 hours 58 minutes
1930. Nell Fagan is a journalist on the trail of an intriguing and bizarre mystery: in 1606, a man vanished from a locked gatehouse in a remote Yorkshire village, and 300 years later, it happened again. Nell confides in the best sleuth she knows, judge's daughter Rachel Savernake. Thank goodness she did, because barely a week later Nell disappears, Rachel is left to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Looking for answers, Rachel travels to lonely Blackstone Fell in Yorkshire, with its eerie moor and sinister tower. With help from her friend Jacob Flint—who's determined to expose a fraudulent clairvoyant—Rachel will risk her life to bring an end to the disappearances and bring the truth to light. A dazzling mystery peopled by clerics and medics, reporters and rogues, this book explores the shadowy borderlands between the spiritual and scientific, sanity and madness, and virtue and deadly sin.
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