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The Quantum Curators and the Enemy Within

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
7 hours 47 minutes
That belongs in a museum!

Julius Strathclyde has been dragged through to an alternative earth. Now, training as a quantum curator, every ancient book, every stolen gem, and every lost masterpiece lies at his fingertips. It's incredible.

But he has some problems; he can't get home, priceless artefacts are being stolen, and someone is trying to kill him. Oh, and he can't get a decent cup of tea anywhere.

Following the disastrous Faberge assignment, Neith Salah is blinded by grief and rage. She's hardly a stable companion, but she's the only one he trusts. From the Titanic to the Blitz and through Medieval France, they race to save treasures and their own skins.

As their unknown enemies draw closer, can they stay alive and reveal who is behind the looting of the museum?
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