Quit Smoking Forever: How to Beat Tobacco with Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Forever: How to Beat Tobacco with Hypnosis

Written by:
Antonio Jaimez
Narrated by:
Jackson Anderson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
4 hours 51 minutes
Discover the power of hypnosis to quit smoking and transform your life.

Are you one of those who have tried to quit smoking on multiple occasions without success? Do you feel trapped in a vicious cycle of anxiety and frustration at not being able to kick the habit of smoking? Have you tried other books and hypnosis methods but have not achieved lasting results?

If you identify with these situations, then this book is for you, as it approaches the problem of smoking from a unique and revolutionary perspective. Unlike other hypnosis books, this one will help you break through the critical factor of the brain with guaranteed success to access the subconscious directly.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Hypnosis

In this book, Antonio Jaimez reveals how artificial intelligence has transformed hypnotherapy, creating precise and highly effective suggestions that resemble the way the subconscious processes information. The key is to design suggestions with an efficiency and accuracy that allows them to bypass the critical factor 100%, which makes many hypnosis techniques effective in the long run.

For example, in Chapter 10: 'Mental Reprogramming: The Science Behind Hypnosis', Antonio explains how the neural algorithm of AI has made it possible to design highly effective, precise and powerful suggestions for smoking cessation.
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