Written by:
Judy Sapphire
Narrated by:
Islay Jacobs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 35 minutes
Blake Harrison's star is rising. Preparing for her new museum installation, she's trying to navigate her work, her newfound fame, and her reputation for volatility. She's also trying to abide by her 'monastic before a show' rule, and has no idea what to do about the stunning lawyer who insults her and entrances her in equal measure.

Jenny O'Toole is in a professional and romantic rut. Her career as a corporate lawyer is stifling, she's closeted at work, and her current relationship is with Netflix and wine. She's not looking for a new girlfriend, and if she was, she certainly wouldn't chase an irrational, pretentious conceptual artist like Blake Harrison.

It's dislike at first sight-but when the artist and lawyer keep running into each other, the loathing turns to lust. As they weather Boston's frigid winter, Blake and Jenny navigate their deepening feelings, and hope that their budding relationship can weather everything coming between them.
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