Ralph Compton Return to Gila Bend

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
7 hours 35 minutes
In this breathless new installment in bestselling author Ralph Compton’s The Gunfighter Series, an ex-con
fights to free his hometown from the clutches of a greedy land baron.

When twenty-five-year-old Lewis Taylor is released from the Texas State Prison, he receives little attention as he
walks into the sunlight, free after serving five years for a crime he didn’t commit.

His only interest is in getting back to his hometown of Gila Bend, Texas, a quiet farming community about which
he has only warm, idyllic memories. During his long years in prison, he survived by thinking fondly of the home he’d
known since boyhood—and of one special girl, Darla Winslow.

What he finds instead is a town dramatically changed. Once a happy and carefree place to live, it is now populated
by people who are angry and afraid. One man, Captain Archer Ringewald, has taken control of the town, and he’s
turning the townspeople, even Darla, against Taylor. Can one ex-con single-handedly save an entire town?
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