Real Japanese

Written by:
Max Whittle
Narrated by:
Max Whittle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
3 hours 51 minutes
If you need to know the key differences between POLITE and FRIENDLY Japanese, then keep reading…...
Real Japanese is an easy-to-read blend of short stories, key phrases and language learning tips to get you started in Japanese. It also shows you the key differences between formal and everyday Japanese, which is a game changer and completely lacking from most Japanese language books.
Lonely planet Japan author Chris Rowthorn says
'Max Whittle's Real Japanese would be a great introduction for anyone looking to get started with Japanese, or anyone who wants to learn some Japanese before visiting Japan.'
If you are living in Japan or planning on travelling to Japan for a trip, this book will help you break down the language and culture into the real and everyday essentials. It will help you lay a strong foundation for fluency, as opposed to textbook knowledge without good communication skills.
Inside the Real Japanese audio book you will discover:
??Understanding friendly Vs polite Japanese
?? Hear all the phrases read by a native Japanese speaker
??The key phrases you’ll need in Japan
??Key concepts underlying the Japanese culture
??How to read some key Kanji (in the accompanying pdf)
??Proven strategies for easy language learning
Japans premium English Magazine “Kateigaho International” says…
'Your trip to Japan will be very special if you can speak just a bit of everyday Japanese. Real Japanese is a useful and interesting guide that's fun to read with helpful tips and articles about the Japanese culture'.
The author has lived in Japan for over 20 years and has worked in translation for some of Japans top companies. He passed the Japanese proficiency test (level 1) in just two years using the methods outlined in this book.
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Ingmar M.

Super clear and comprehensible explanations! Love the recognizable situations and lessons: 5 stars for sure!

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