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Rebel Queen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
9 hours 46 minutes
To escape a curse, I married four cocky Fae kings.

The arrogant sea king who would pursue me to the ends of the world. The brothers of autumn, who have loved me, and hated me, and can't quite make their minds where they fall now. The winter king, who betrayed me to save his own court.

The five of us are bound together, even if we're not sure now if we're enemies or lovers or both. My father, the High King of all four kingdoms, is still alive-and he'll stop at nothing to make sure I die instead of reclaiming my throne.

But I'm the rebel queen, and at my side are four impossible Fae knights. If I can get them all to stop trying to knock each other senseless, we can rule the four Kingdoms-and save them.

And if we can't, we'll die.

Contains mature themes.
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