Red Mars

#1 of Mars
Written by:
Kim Stanley Robinson
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone
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Release Date
April 2008
23 hours 45 minutes
Winner of the Nebula Award for Best Novel, Red Mars is the first book in Kim Stanley Robinson's best-selling trilogy. Red Mars is praised by scientists for its detailed visions of future technology. It is also hailed by authors and critics for its vivid characters and dramatic conflicts. For centuries, the red planet has enticed the people of Earth. Now an international group of scientists has colonized Mars. Leaving Earth forever, these 100 people have traveled nine months to reach their new home. This is the remarkable story of the world they create-and the hidden power struggles of those who want to control it. Although it is fiction, Red Mars is based on years of research. As living spaces and greenhouses multiply, an astonishing panorama of our galactic future rises from the red dust. Through Richard Ferrone's narration, each scene is energized with the designs and dreams of the extraordinary pioneers.
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Terry W.

This was the only title in this month’s VIP Choice that sparked my interest and almost 24 hours of listening was a bit daunting. However it was worth it even though it was a slow burn and long winded especially in the science (which is allegedly correct), political and descriptive sections. It is not action packed sci-fi but as it is interesting and a good story I will be listening to the other books in the trilogy. It is sad that part of the author’s story that will come true is that we will take all of humanities problems such as greed, prejudice, exploitation of people and resources into space when we eventually get there instead of starting anew. The narrator is good.

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nathan n

The guy reading this book has the perfect voice, it suits the story awesomely. I hope he reads the next 2 also.

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Chris L.

A brilliant book, packed to overflowing with idea after idea - the realistic and well-researched detail were great, as well as the very well thought out social complexities - a wonderful, rich read.

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F. Ross H.

Ok at best, spent to much time with names and geological descriptions. will not read / listen to second installment

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Wayne I.

OMG dullest monotony of narration, snail pace disconnected story development. Bailed after an hour. No way I’m enduring 22 hrs Nor a candidate for the Mars mission or the psycho-political social explanation of why colonization is fraught with seeds of the best and worst of Earth

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It was slow only listened to the first two chapters before I turned it off and went to another book

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This is a great book, very long and very detailed, the narrator is brilliant. By skipping so much detail the book could have been half it’s length, say 11 hours Overall I would recommend this book.

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Christopher J.

This book may not be for everyone, but everyone should read it.

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Kimberly M

This book is very long. It could have been shorten by not going into sure long drawn out details. It was entertaining and you should listen to it. I will listen to the other ones just not right now.

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Boring Mars travelogue with annoying characters and disjointed plot. You end up wanting them all to drift away…. And it’s a trilogy. Who would ever read the second….

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William T.

Brilliant work! I have listened to this series repeatedly over the years .

Red Mars
This title is due for release on April 25, 2008.

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Red Mars
This title is due for release on April 25, 2008
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Red Mars
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Red Mars

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