Release of Magic

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
6 hours 51 minutes
Magic is returning to our world . . . early.

Detective Leira Berens case blew up in her face. A last-minute surge of magic was the only thing that kept her in one piece.

The dangerous necklace is still in play and she has no leads. Her new powers hint at a secret sauce in her DNA. Can they help her win the race?

Oh yeah, the Feds have noticed and are tracking her.

A Light Elf is willing to help . . . along with a swearing troll and an entire magical community she never knew existed. Austin, Texas, just got a lot more interesting.

The necklace reappears only to change hands during a dangerous battle. Who has the necklace now?

That may have to wait. Family comes first and Leira has a shot to free her mom. Can she take it and still do her part to save the world?
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Justin M.

I was super excited as Leira finally started using Magic intentionally! And she is very powerful! We also get a clue to half of her ancestry. Which I won’t give anymore about. Had a lot of fun during this book and now I need to start the next right away! There those in the shadows that are moving forward with their plans. Eva Wilhelm keeps getting better with her characters!

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