The Reluctant Visionary

The Reluctant Visionary

Written by:
Datta Groover
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
10 hours 3 minutes
In this dual-timeline story, two women come to terms with seeing the future.

Living in one of the whitest counties in Texas, twenty-nine-year-old Jess Atwood is plagued by visions she doesn’t want and can’t control. At the same time, she struggles to keep her family’s organic farm out of foreclosure.

In 1960s Tennessee, Jess’s grandma Anna Mae has her own visions, which she thinks are divinely inspired. Each woman deals with her own visions differently, but both find themselves in trouble due to following—and sometimes not following—them.

Jess must overcome her resistance to the visions and embrace her gift of second sight—or she may wind up as the next victim of a human trafficking and kidnapping syndicate. Anna Mae needs to stop obsessing about the visions that rule her life and drag her into danger.
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