The Replacement

Written by:
Jacqueline Ward
Narrated by:
Hannah Curtis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
10 hours 36 minutes
Lauren Wade hates Jem Carter, and Jem hates her. So when Lauren gets a message from Jem asking for help, she suspects it’s some sort of attention-seeking stunt by the woman she caught in bed with her husband. Lauren decides to simply alert her ex, Daniel, who thinks Lauren is the one trying to cause trouble. However, when Jem’s car is found abandoned on a bridge, the police become involved...and Lauren finds herself panicking. She is sure they will find out about a secret she's been hiding. Lauren knows she’s been a bit erratic. She’s acted in fits of jealousy at times. But she hasn’t harmed Jem. With DS Bekah Bradley closing in, Lauren must make a desperate attempt to find out what happened to Jem—before she becomes a missing person herself...
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