Return of the Wizard King

Written by:
Chad Corrie
Narrated by:
Victor Bevine

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
11 hours 48 minutes
After nearly eight centuries, the last wizard king seeks a return to Tralodren. But doing so requires the
manipulation of a band of mercenaries oblivious to his goals.
The gladiator sold his soul for revenge. The knight’s a bigot. The dwarf only cares about regaining his honor. Even
the wizardess seems too bookish for anyone’s good. But they’ve all been hired by a blind seer and his assistant to retrieve
some forgotten knowledge long hidden away in a jungle-strangled ruin.
Get in. Get out. Get paid. At least, that’s what they thought. Instead, they uncover hidden agendas and ancient
power struggles centuries in the making.
Welcome to Tralodren, a world rich in history, faith, and tales of adventure—of which this story is but one
of many
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A well written story and narrated beautifully. On to book 2 in the series...

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very cool story! loved most of it, but there were some slow parts.

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Allison R.

This is one of the few books I have where I can't stand the narrator. For me he is too monotonal with barely any character embellishments. I thought I would get used to his voice halfway through but it only seemed to worsen. The story for me suffers due to the narrator.

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David Gibson

I really enjoyed this book. Well written and narratated. Definitely makes you want to continue the series!

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story is like a d&d adventure, easy to listen to but not to much depth yet. the narrator is a bit monotomus but i might be influenced by the last book where the narrator overdid things

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Melissa L.

Fantastic book I loved it

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Tiger Rose


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