REV: Rebellion: REV Warriors Series Book #9

Written by:
T.R. Harris
Narrated by:
Keith Sellon-Wright

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
5 hours 57 minutes
What would you do if you knew there was another version of Humanity that was superior to you? Would you accept them into your society with open arms? Or would see them as a threat to your survival?

Originally, the REVs were created to save mankind from alien threats; chemically altered super warriors designed as the ultimate killing machines. But now that those threats are under control, what do you do with the growing population of supermen and -women who are constant reminders of your own frailty? And what if these 'ultimate killing machines' decided that they should be in charge?

Zac Murphy and Angus Price are the two most famous and formidable REVs in the Corps. Supermen in nearly every way, they are legends, both among the growing REV population, as well as the billions of normal Humans on Earth. And now they will be called upon to quell the festering tensions between normal Humans and the REVs. But then a new threat appears on the horizon, a threat that requires the REV-once again-to become the sharp end of the spear. Will the REVs answer the call? Why should they? They have very little in common with the rest of Humanity. And with the way they've been treated recently, who would blame them if they said no? Will this be the final splintering of the Human race, one that could lead to the demise of both branches of mankind?
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