Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man

Written by:
Ken Harrison
Narrated by:
Ken Harrison , Rob Shapiro

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
4 hours 50 minutes
The blueprint for becoming the man you were made to be—in marriage, family, work, friendships, with God in all of life.

“If you want a no-nonsense guide to getting manhood right, this is it.”—Evander Holyfield, four-time world heavyweight champion  

Guys often approach life like it’s a pickup football game. They make up the rules as they go. They are sloppy rather than disciplined. Many lose interest and simply watch from the sidelines. Yet a man who knows who he was made to be and what he’s pursuing is a powerful force indeed.
In Rise of the Servant Kings, Ken Harrison, the chairman of Promise Keepers and a former Los Angeles police officer, gives men the keys to success and gets them into the battle. He explains what we’re fighting for and the path that will lead to victory by reinforcing the importance of holiness, humility, courage, generosity, masculinity, marriage, parenting, prayer, and more. Through scriptures, stories, and an energizing discussion guide, Harrison helps men remember what matters, defeat the Enemy, and pursue their God-given goals with intensity and passion. 
God’s plan for you as a man is bigger than you’ve dared to imagine. Stop settling for simply getting by and prepare to rise up as a servant king in every area of life.
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Good book with a good message. You just have to overlook the part about smacking the feat of homeless people in the park and the part where he admonishes a fellow cop for not sawing a man in two with his shotgun when someone may have walked past while they may have been armed. This is not representative of Christ. That being said it really is a good message. It’s just written by a broken man who never owes up to the trauma he has inflicted on society in order to uplift his own ego and status. But can’t we all relate on some level?

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