The Robe: A BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Dramatisation

The Robe: A BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Dramatisation

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2025
6 hours 0 minutes
A full-cast dramatisation of the bestselling Biblical adventure story by Lloyd C. Douglas

Weary of governing, the half-crazed Emperor Tiberius retreats to Capri, leaving his loathsome stepson, Prince Gaius, in charge of an increasingly corrupt Rome. Few dare speak out against him – so when young tribune Marcellus Gallio insults him at a banquet, he is sent away on a punishment posting to a remote hill-fort in Palestine.

On arrival, he is invited to take a detachment of legionaries to Jerusalem, to help keep order during Passover. But once in the city, he finds himself officiating at the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. To blot out the horror, he gets drunk and takes part in a dice game, where he wins Christ’s robe – but the garment affects him strangely, and he suffers a complete nervous collapse.

Accompanied by his faithful slave Demetrius, Marcellus sets out on a journey, hoping to heal his mind and learn more about the man he was ordered to crucify. But will he put himself and everyone he cares about in danger...?

Meanwhile, Marcellus’ childhood sweetheart Diana has rushed to Capri to plead with Tiberius to send him back home. But the Emperor has his own plans for his beautiful granddaughter, and will not let her leave. Caught up in a madman’s manoeuvrings, can she escape to freedom? And what fate awaits her if she does?

One of the most popular novels of the 1940s, The Robe was No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list for a year, and in 1953, it was made into an Oscar-winning movie starring Richard Burton and Jean Simmons. Adapted for radio in 1987, this epic tale of love, faith and redemption won the Silver Sony Award for Best Dramatisation, and stars Edward de Souza as the Narrator, Anton Lesser as Marcellus, Stuart Organ as Demetrius, Helena Breck as Diana and Annette Crosbie as Empress Julia.

Written by Lloyd C. Douglas

Dramatised by David Buck

‘Miriam’s Song’ composed by David Timson

Directed by Martin Jenkins


Narrator/Tiberius – Edward de Souza

Marcellus Gallio – Anton Lesser

Senator Gallio – Bernard Hepton

Demetrius – Stuart Organ

Diana – Helena Breck

Tuscus – Brian Hewlett

Quintus – Christian Rodska

Lucia – Susie Brann

Tertia – Deborah Makepeace

Prince Gaius – Keith Drinkel

Marcipor – Manning Wilson

Boy – Elizabeth Lindsay

Cornelia – Pauline Letts

Captain Manius – Sean Arnold

Sextus – Henry Stamper

Paulus – David Buck

Melas – Timothy Bateson

Pontius Pilate – John Castle

Paula – Rachel Gurney

Pilate’s aide/Second soldier – Steven Harrold

Dion/Centurion/Groom – Brian Hewlett

Chamberlain – Alan Dudley

Theodosia – Sue Broomfield

Benjamin – Cyril Shaps

Justus – John Bennett

Philip – Alkis Constantouris

Stephanos – David Timson

Benyosef – Cyril Luckham

Simon Peter/Captain – Anthony Jackson

Trader/Prisoner – Tim Reynolds

Warder/Drunken soldier/First soldier/Caligula – Jonathan Tafler

Miriam – Karen Ascoe

Reuben – Clive Swift

Naomi – Linda Polan

Guard/Sentry – Kim Wall

Empress Julia – Annette Crosbie

Atreus/Driver/Slave – David Goodland

Serving girl – Elaine Claxton

Overseer/Sentry – Richard Durden

Antonia – Jennifer Piercey

Woman/Salome – Sheila Grant

Sarpedon – David March

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 12 April-17 May 1987

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