Royally Bad

Royally Bad

Written by:
Lee Savino
Narrated by:
Wen Ross
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
2 hours 23 minutes
Billionaire. Playboy. Prince. My new boss.

Theo Kensington the most eligible—or ineligible—bachelor in the entire world. So what he’s starred in a sex tape…or three? He's heir to the Kensington fortune. Son of a long lost Swedish princess. That's right—this tall, dark, and tattooed stud is a prince. 

Except the queen pretends he doesn't exist. And the Kensington board of directors wants him gone. 

Enter me. Vesper Smith, media consultant AKA fixer. I have four days to convince this bad boy to behave. Clean up his image, clean up his act.

 But Theo’s more interested in misbehaving. And if I’m not careful, there’ll be a new costar in his next scandal: me. 
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