[Elamite] - Royals of Italy

[Elamite] - Royals of Italy

Written by:
Bella Di Corte
Narrated by:
Antonio Amato , Verla Bond
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Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
12 hours 11 minutes
There was one secret that I kept from my wife.

The Fausti famiglia was one of the most infamous and powerful crime families in the world. Their rule spanned the thickness of history books—and I was one of them.

My dangerous lineage had been hidden until my wife, Scarlett, the curious farfalle that she was, started fluttering around, awakening the monsters of my past. They would stop at nothing to claim what they felt belonged to them. Using my wife as a pawn in their game to lure me in? Wasn’t going to happen. Because I was a monster just like them, and I’d sacrifice it all to keep the woman I called mine safe—even if it meant my life.

Book III in an eight-part Royal Organized Crime Romance saga.
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