Rules of Payne

Written by:
Elizabeth Lynx
Narrated by:
Tor Thom , Samantha Cook

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
7 hours 52 minutes
She is causing her boss to break all his rules.

Morgana Drake is smart, hard-working, and has an unusual addiction to cake. She refuses to let being fired from a terrible, dead-end job deter her from her dream: working for one of the largest internet-retailers in the world. When she's lucky enough to land an interview with one of their big bosses, will she make it through the meeting without drooling on her hot, potential boss?

Henrik Payne, a top executive at a billion-dollar company, is sexy and mysterious, but kind of a jerk. He's in desperate need of an assistant that can follow his directions, precisely. The perfect candidate interviews for the job but it's her distracting curves and unique ideas that cause him to question all his rules.

Contains mature themes.
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Ashante Williams

I love office romances but this book was kind of annoying. So we have Morgana Drake who can’t keep a job to save her life and who apparently isn’t actually qualified for the position as Henrik Payne’s assistant however she is really good at it. The two also have a really hard time keeping their hands to themselves. Henrik is constantly pushing and pulling Morgana away and Morgana is always ready and willing no matter what. I think that what annoyed me the most. No matter what he did or said, she was always ready to jump back on that train. Even when he was doing something for her own good, he was still inadvertently tearing her apart. Aside from these too, I loved the banter with the female friends and Morgana’s family in this book. They were hilarious and made reading the entire book worth it. So not my favorite read of the weekend but hopefully the next book isn’t so dumb female-ish.

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Rozilyn W.

Love it. You have to have a warp sense of humor to get this book and that I do.

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