Written By: Lisa Childs

Narrated By: Eliza Foss

Date: October 2020

Duration: 10 hours 20 minutes


I'm in trouble. Come get me. On a remote island off the coast of Maine lies a secluded estate. There, behind wrought iron gates and rock walls, sits Halcyon Hall. Today, it is an exclusive spa catering to wealthy elites and pampered celebrities. But once, it had another name-and a terrifying reputation ... Rosemary Tulle has come to Halcyon Hall desperate to find her younger sister. Seventeen-year-old Genevieve left a brief, troubling message on Rosemary's phone, begging to be picked up. But Rosemary is not on the visitor list, and no one will let her in ... Halcyon Hall was once Bainesworth Manor, an asylum for the insane. Such places often draw whispers about gruesome treatments and tortured inmates. In the case of Bainesworth, the reality may have been far worse. Now, staff insist that Genevieve ran away, but Rosemary's instincts say otherwise. Rosemary and Genevieve share an unusual bond, and she knows Genevieve wouldn't have just left. Compelled to turn for help to a man she hoped never to see again, Judge Whit Lawrence, she tries to learn the truth about Genevieve. But it will mean uncovering secrets about Bainseworth Manor, and about Rosemary's own dark past- secrets with the power to kill ...


  • Clifford M.

    It’s interesting keep interested but over all it’s worth the time liked the characters I guess my only question is was it about the girls the sheriff or just the isle

  • Sharon H.

    I liked this. it had some twists to it and was a fun story.

  • christina Brownlow

    Good story but predictable finish. Excellently read

  • Talita H.

    I struggled to find the characters. And I could not discern the points where the narrator switched over to the other characters, which made following the train of thought difficult.

  • Rich

    Overall not a bad book, a little slow perhaps as some of it would not have been missed. I am assuming the story lines that were not pursued will be developed in subsequent books.


by Lisa Childs

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Runaway, Lisa Childs
Runaway, Lisa Childs
This title is due for release on October 27, 2020.

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Runaway, Lisa Childs
This title is due for release on October 27, 2020
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Runaway, Lisa Childs
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Runaway, Lisa Childs

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