Running Hot

Written by:
Jayne Ann Krentz
Narrated by:
Islay Jacobs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
9 hours 50 minutes
Ex-cop Luther Malone-member of a very secret paranormal society-and Grace Renquist, quirky librarian, are a strange partnership. Grace has been hired as an aura-reading consultant in the quest for a murder suspect, but has zero field experience. Her bodyguard, Luther, walks with a cane and isn't good with a gun! So the last thing they expect is for romantic sparks to fly between them at their hotel in Maui, where they're posing as honeymooners. However, their attraction must be suppressed quickly when rogue operatives for an underground group pour into the luxury resort. Grace recognizes the dark spikes in their auras-she saw the same pattern in someone else in another life-and she understands how dangerous these people can be. While the pair's employers scramble to get them backup, Luther and Grace have to think on their feet. The criminals in their midst aren't just high-level sensitives-they've enhanced their talent with a potent and unpredictable drug. And as Grace knows all too well, if you don't control your powers, your powers will control you . . .
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