The Running Vixen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
10 hours 56 minutes
The beloved second book in The Wild Hunt series: stunning historical detail, beguiling characters and superb storytelling.

A forbidden love takes England to the brink of war …

1126. Heulwen, daughter of Welsh Marcher baron Guyon FitzMiles, has grown up with her father’s ward, Adam de Lacey.

There has always been a spark between them, but when Heulwen marries elsewhere, a devastated Adam absents himself on a diplomatic mission for King Henry I.

When her husband is killed in a skirmish, Heulwen’s father considers a new marriage for her with his neighbour’s son, Warrin de Mortimer. Adam, recently returned to England, is determined not to lose Heulwen a second time.

But Heulwen is torn between her duty to her father and the pull of her heart.

Adam is no longer the awkward boy she remembers, but a man who stirs every fibre of her being—which places them both in great danger, because Warrin de Mortimer is not a man to be crossed and the future of a country is at stake …
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